Chelsea Chamber Players Activities

The Chelsea Chamber Players provides live music concerts to the people of Chelsea and surrounding communities, and further educational experiences for these communities through workshops in schools and masterclass opportunities. The organization consists of contract musicians performing as duo, trio and quartet ensembles, and a small number of volunteers who assist with organizational and administrative tasks.

The first Quartet concert for the Chelsea public took place on April 30th, 2000. The ticket prices for this concert and all others performed by the Chelsea Chamber Players through 2003 were adults $12.50, seniors $10.00, and students $5.00 Approximately 120 people attended the concert. This was followed by a performance and workshop conducted by the Quartet at Chelsea High School - designed to be an educational opportunity for string orchestra students. The 8th grade was bused to the high school for this event as well, with approximately 150 students participating.

A Concert series was started in September 2000. In a co-operative effort between the Chelsea Chamber Players and the Chelsea Depot Association, an agreement was reached making the renovated historic railway depot a home for the Chelsea Chamber Players, allowing rehearsal and concert space at no charge. On September 24th the first of a series of three concerts was performed at the Depot. The second concert took place on December 3rd and the final performance for the season was on April 1st, 2001. This series provided the community with live performances, presented with discussion of the historical background of the music prior to the concerts, and an opportunity to meet with the musicians afterwards. At the time, this was the only live professional classical music happening in Chelsea, and the minimal ticket prices made it an almost universally available opportunity.

As from the Spring Concert of 2004, all Chelsea Chamber Players concerts have had free admission.

Next Concert
3:00pm, Sunday March 17th, 2019 at the Chelsea Depot