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20th Anniversay
Continues in 2021!

Join Ballet Chelsea, the Chelsea Chamber Players, and the Jackson Symphony Orchestra for Reflections, a collaborative project in celebration of the art that binds our communities! Together, our goal has, and continues to be, to give back to the generous communities that support our endeavors through art - an avenue of joy for so many! The past year has emphasized the importance of communication, support, and sharing with others in the pursuit of emotional and physical wellbeing.  As we move forward, finding new ways to produce art, we celebrate the resiliency and innovation of our communities.

With this collaboration, Ballet Chelsea honors and supports Ballet Chelsea alumnas, Lauren (Mitchell) Wolffis.  A nurse, wife, daughter, and friend, Lauren was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Faced with many consequential decisions and career pauses that have been necessitated by medical treatment, Lauren's community has gathered to support her in whatever ways are needed.

Watch the Premiere ! Available May 1st at 8:00pm until May 14th. Here!

Drop in at Serendipity Bookshop, Chelsea to get your copy of the book of Little Red.

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Colors - ash, light-blue or purple.
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